Probate & Estate Planning 

Ms. Hagan focuses her practices on Elder law, including Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Guardianships, Medicaid Planning, Probate Litigation, Creditor Litigation, Probate, and Trust Administration. AMHT provides legal representation tailored to their clients’ individual needs and sets of circumstances. As one size does not fit all, the attorneys believe that our value comes from the personal attention we provide our clients while considering each client’s unique situation. We provide boutique legal services at an affordable price.

Whether it is dealing with the loss of a loved one, or creating an estate plan to ensure that a disabled child is provided for without losing eligibility for government assistance programs, AMHT is there to guide our clients every step of the way. We ensure that our clients understand their options and make informed decisions. AMHT attorneys are zealous advocates for our clients, particularly the elderly, individuals, and families living with developmental disabilities, as they are often times the most vulnerable members of our society. The firm’s core principal is that every client deserves to be treated in a kind and compassionate manner, especially when there are important life and legal matters at hand.

AMHT is also steadfast in our belief that anyone at any age can benefit from Estate Planning. Whether it is the decision to execute an Enhanced Life Estate Deed or a Durable Power of Attorney, proper planning and preparation empowers our clients to take control of their future today so that they may eliminate the worry of tomorrow. We also would like to dispel the notion that a certain degree of wealth is needed in order to benefit from these services. Oftentimes clients are shocked to learn that the most crucial estate planning documents have nothing to do with personal wealth, but, rather, deal with decision making authority, including medical decision making authority needed for those who become unable to decide for themselves.

With over 20 years of litigation experience, AMHT is also available to assist you in those situations where litigation will be required in order to handle the complications that can arise during probate and trust administration.

Please feel free to contact Ms. Hagan to further discuss your probate and estate planning needs.